* Hinweis: Hemostasyl ist zwar in dieser Studie enthalten, jedoch handelt es sich hierbei nicht um eine Retraktionspaste. EINFACHES VERFAHREN BEI DER TEMPORÄREN GINGIVARETRAKTION Präparation vorsichtig spülen und trocknen


Unlike gingival retraction cords that can be difficult and time-consuming to place, the 3M Astringent Retraction Paste is a fast, convenient and effective solution for gingival retraction. With its extra-fine tip, the 3M Astringent Retraction Paste delivers a 15% aluminum chloride astringent paste right into

GINGISAGE™ regular Gingival Retraction Paste is the first aluminum chloride free gingival retraction paste that gently opens the sulcus and stops bleeding. GINGISAGE™regular chloride amount is 6% far lower than the usual 9% to 15% which means the unpleasant taste and possible drawbacks are reduced. Pasta astringente in capsule monodose. 2021-04-03 · Gingival retraction paste is helpful in these cases as not only do they control the hemorrhage but also the amount of moisture that the tooth should be free from. Moisture control in restoration procedures is key as during the placement of a cement or a crown, the moisture hinders the composition of the cement, due to which it does not completely adhere to the structure of the tooth or teeth.

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Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Retraction Paste. See My Price. View Options.

28. Febr. 2014 Dabei wird zum einen durch eine mechanische Retraktion der Gingiva der Sulkus geöffnet und zum anderen aufgrund der Kompression des 

The aluminum chloride creates an astringent effect without irritating or discoloring surrounding tissue. Effective gingival retraction made from a base of natural alumina The cannula is easily adaptable to every situation.

Racegel - Expasyl - Adstringierende Retraktionspaste - Gel Cord - Magic FoamCord - Gingiva Liquid - Orbat - Retraktionsfaden-Stopfer - Astringedent - 

1: Die neue adstringierende Retraktionspaste mit dünner flexibler Kanüle. 28. Febr.

Gingiva retraktionspaste

New. AppliCord Retraktionspaste für die temporäre Verdrängung der Gingiva. Retraction paste for temporary gingiva displacement. Liefer formen.
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Gingiva retraktionspaste

Access Edge®retrahiert sanft das Gewebe und kontrolliert gleichzeitig Blutungen und das Aussickern von Flüssigkeiten. Access Edge ist eine auf Tonerde basierende Gingiva-Retraktionspaste, die das Gewebe verdrängt und retrahiert. Sie ist in praktischen Einheitsdosis- Spritzenaufsätzen verpackt und CAD-CAM and Laser Assist Gingival Tissue Procedures Traxodent is suitable to displace the gingiva before a CAD-CAM scan to get a crisp image without the soft tissue obscuring the view of the margin.

For more gingival deflection, the astringent retraction paste can be used in combination with retraction cords. 5) Leave astringent retraction paste on for a minimum of 2 minutes.
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för en tillfällig marginal gingival dragning och dränering av sulcus. Fördelar: flexibel kanyl för enkel applicering, förblir säker i sulcus tack vare optimal 

Expasyl gingival Retraction Paste (Kerr), Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System (Premier Dental). Magic FoamCord retraction paste (Coltene/Whaledent).

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A specially designed tip is placed vertically into the gingival sulcus, mechanically retracting the tissue. Slowly and steadily a paste is then injected to completely fill the sulcus. The paste can be used alone or together with cords, cotton pellets or specialized caps to aid to pack it into the sulcus and keep the field dry.

Effective and atraumatic gingival retraction paste. Expasyl benefits from an excellent risk-benefit balance: its viscosity has been specifically calculated to effectively open the sulcus without damaging the epithelial attachment.