Justera notis-inställningarna inom apparna för Instagram, Twitter och gmail (iPhone/Android). Genom att bestämma vilka händelser du vill få 


26 Dec 2018 Although the iPhone XS camera hasn't seen a major overhaul when compared to 2017's iPhone X, there are still a few key improvements.

If you're planning to sell, trade-in, or give away your old iPhone to buy the new iPhone 11 then here are 10 things you must do. iOS 13 Battery Drain Issues: 10+   18 Dec 2017 The first 10 things you should do with your iPhone X · 1) Learn all those new gestures · 2) Get your switch on with a swipe · 3) Close old apps once  6 May 2019 If you also want to see the tricks your iPad is capable of, we've made a guide for that, too. Turn on Smart Invert for an impromptu iOS Dark Mode. The focus lock will remain until you exit the camera app, or turn off your phone. 10. Enhance your photography  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with these changes and many people don't even know about all of the cool features iPhones have.

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Some of these tips are new and some are less-known . These tips are constantly been updated after each release of iOS (If it contains any new iPhone tips and tricks). 13 useful secret iPhone tips … 2019-6-19 · Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode on older iPhones with the Touch ID button), enter your existing passcode, and then tap on Passcode Options to get a … 2021-4-12 · To enable the feature on your iPhone 12 model, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and make sure HDR Video is enabled. Now your videos can rival those of professional filmmakers!

The best iPhone X tips and tricks By Brenda Stolyar and Tyler Lacoma August 14, 2020 The iPhone X was another technological masterpiece from Apple when it debuted, but it changed a lot about how

Vi sammanfattar några typiska tips som  Apples AirPods Pro har några nya trick. Jason Cipriani / CNET.

Den nyheten hamnade dock lite i skuggan av lanseringen av iPhone 7 och iOS 10. En som vet mycket om både gamla och nya funktioner är 

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10 iphone tips

Apple's latest iPhone ( $900 at Boost 10 Quick and Useful iPhone Tips Here are 10 simple iPhone tips. Learn how to Print As PDF on your iPhone, never miss a message, set custom vibration patterns, offload apps to save space and much more. Check out 10 Quick and Useful iPhone Tips at YouTube for closed captioning and more options. 2021-1-6 · Here are the best hands-on iPhone tips and tricks you can use to make your life easier. These iPhone tips and tricks will help you to use your iPhone in a most efficient way possible in 2021. Best iPhone tips and tricks for 2021.
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10 iphone tips

PT. Best iPhone 11 tips and tricks 2021. Here’s a list of the iPhone 11 tips and tricks for 2021. 1.

Det kommer att vara många som ska  Här på Mashable har vi satt iPhone 4 genom sina steg och har kommit med några praktiska tips och tricks som kan hjälpa dig att få mer ut av din  Visa dig de fem saker du bör göra innan du uppdaterar din iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch till iOS 10 för att se till att iOS 10 uppgraderas  Håll nere både Home-knappen och standby-knappen minst 10 sekunder. (Inga inställningar på telefonen ändras); Kalkylatorn byter till ”scientific-mode” i  Discover the Top 10 Apps like LCHF - recept, dagbok, tips in 2021 for iPhone & iPad. MyTrendyPhone vet hur viktigt det är för dig att din iPhone eller iPad alltid är i sin bästa form.
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Nu släpper Naturskyddsföreningen en gratis applikation för iPhone som hjälper dig en bit på vägen. för Android och vill göra våra tips tillgängliga i så många mobilmodeller som möjligt, säger Jonas Lindquist, 10 i topp andra halvåret 2020.

From flashing LED alerts to scrolling shortcuts, your iPhone has capabilities you may not have found. We shine the light on some great tips. 1 of 10.

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10 bästa tips för att spara batteri för iPhone X / 8/7/6/5/4. Hur sparar jag batteri på iPhone? Varje iOS-uppdatering kommer alltid med mer avancerade 

With the new iPhone releases and the latest iOS 13 software, we wanted to share some tips so you can take full advantage of your smartphone Here are 26 iPhone tips and tricks that you may not know about -- which could make performing certain tasks easier for you.